Our history is a sweet one…

Amos Campbell had the idea to start a gourmet popcorn business in Ohio approximately 50 years ago called Karmel Korn. His popcorn business later expanded into what is now known today as Campbell’s Sweet Factory near Cleveland, Ohio.

Amos’ brother Fred, a.k.a “Grandpa” Campbell, has lived here in Fresno for more than 40 years and has built several successful businesses. Ever since Amos and his family started their popcorn empire, Grandpa Fred wanted to create his very own uniquely delicious gourmet popcorn business.

Fred’s grandson, Daniel Campbell, and his wife, Cassi, also had dreams to create something special. In 2017 the family joined forces to create “Grandpa’s Popcorn & Sweets” in Fresno. Since opening their doors, patrons have raved about their delicious, freshly-popped popcorn (with more than 65 unique flavors) and their other offerings, like homemade cupcakes, cake pops, chocolate dipped candies and MORE!

Grandpa’s is a firm believer in tasting before you buy. We offer free samples of all the amazing gourmet sweet and / or savory popcorn to everyone who walks through our doors. This philosophy and commitment to treating everyone like our own family has created not only a successful but family-friendly environment. With this success, Grandpa’s has big plans to expand to new locations throughout the community and region.


Come taste what makes Grandpa’s so much fun!